ECSA was founded in 2005, after brainstorming with the Heads of Security of major Corporations, of the EU and International Institutions and with Justice & Home Affairs Experts from EurojustEuropol and the EU Institutions.

ECSA's Objectives are:

  • To provide its members with a trusted forum for:
    • Sharing common Issues & Experiences
    • Information & Education
    • Networking with co-members and third parties
  • To liaise and to promote synergy with relevant Academic, Research, Scientific, Public & Private Organizations and Associations
  • To stimulate Public-Private Cooperation 
  • To set up and maintain a communication channel for information exchange and emergency warnings 

In order to promote free and frank discussion and to control the distribution of information ECSA operates under specific Meeting & Information Handling Rules.

ECSA Members are Managers in charge of Security at major Corporations, EU and International Organisations & Institutions. Membership is by invitation only and full adhesion to the ECSA Spirit is a mandatory requirement.

The Board of ECSA is composed of Representatives of the Academic, the Public and the Corporate Sector. 

The Public part of this Website provides information on the Association, on Membership and on our Activities

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Security Issues


We provide a communication channel for Security Incident Reporting and Security Alerts.

ECSA Events


We organize, host or sponsor several security related events.

ECSA Membership


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