Corporate Security, Investigations, Audit and other security related experts often feel the need for a professional and well structured training in Investigative Interviewing.

Knowing about disgruntled employees and the issues surrounding them is of paramount importance to anticipate issues before it is too late. Often, vital signs or evidence are overlooked because there is a shortage of professionally-trained interviewers who can discover the underlying, hidden causes behind trends and events, and often prevent problems developing into crises. Companies that fail to recognise this risk losing out to competitors.
Based on proven practices and the personal experience of the course tutors in multinational companies, the Burrill Green Programme in Investigative Interviewing is intelligence-influenced and highly interactive. It has been successfully applied internationally by  companies of varying sizes to enable a number of functions, such as Audit, Legal, Human Resources, Risk Management and Communications, to tangibly improve their organisations’ resilience to threats, while complying with Human Rights and Privacy best practices.
What new skills will participants acquire?
Awareness of the best techniques and tools of the trade
A heightened understanding of people, their actions and their behaviour
How to develop the ‘art of listening’ to capture all necessary information
An appreciation of the value and limitation of body language
How best to deploy these techniques within an organisation