Categories and Fees


CategoriesTypePackage 1 Year (*) 3 Years (*)


Professionals with management level responsibilities for Security or Resilience, employed by a public or private organization


Professionals from organizations with a non commercial link to Corporate Security or Resilience (Universities, Professional Associations, ...)

  • Individual Regular or Associate Membership
  • Access + Preferential Rate + Priority for ECSA activities
  • Preferential Rate for most ECSA related activities
  • ECSA Info
  • ECSA Alert
  • Invited to ECSA networking activities
  • Access to ECSA members directory
  • Possibility to participate in ECSA Commissions



  • Includes up to 5 Regular or Associate Memberships from the same Organization
  • 10% discount on all Additional Memberships
  • Organization’s Staff (non ECSA Members) enjoy 10% discount on the Standard Rate for all ECSA activities
  • ECSA Alert is send to 2 Members + 24h Point Of Contact
  • ECSA Info is send to all Members
  • Corporate Sponsorship
1.100 3.000


Professional Providers of Security Equipment, Products, Systems or Services

  • Individual Industry Membership
  • Small companies (mainy sole proprietary companies)
400 1.100
  • Local companies of medium size
  • Includes up to 5 nominative Industry Members from the same Organization
  • Medium Level Industry Visibility
  • For more information
2.200 6.000
  • Large global companies
  • Includes up to 10 nominative Industry Members from the same Organization
  • Premium Level Industry Visibility
  • For more information
5.300  14.500

 * All amounts are in EUR, excluding applicable VAT.


A Membership Year starts on January 1st and ends the following December 31st.
Applications received before 1 October are valid for the current membership year and applications received after that date are valid for the rest of current membership year and the coming membership year. 

All Memberships are nominative and non transferable.                 

Invoices are send by electronic mail in PDF format. If an organization has additional requirements before being able to finalize or renew membership, an additional cost of EUR 50 will be charged.

Credit card payments are possible. In this case we charge a 5% processing fee.